Sound Shoppe’s Guitar & Gear Giveaway

Rock 1055 The Big Dog and The Sound Shoppe’s Guitar and Gear Giveaway . . . Be listening every Thursday at 4:30 to NAME THAT GUITAR HERO . . . correctly identify the guitar player to get qualified to win guitars and gear from Tagima, Ibenez, and Black Star Amps.

1st prize is a starter kit featuring a Tagima guitar with Black Star amp . . . 2nd prize is a new Ibenez GRG 70 electric guitar . . . and 3rd prize is a Tagima electric guitar.

All qualifiers win a T-Shirt from The Sound Shoppe and everyone can stop by The Sound Shoppe and register in store for another guitar to be given away! Winners will be drawn just in time for Christmas on December 15th.

The Sound Shoppe’s Guitar and Gear Giveaway . . . Thursday’s at 4:30 on Rock 1055 The Big Dog.